Deinos is an Internet of Things system that fully complies with Industry 4.0 paradigm.

re3CUBE designed Deinos, a patented, ergonomic and professional device that daily compacts and sterilizes infected wastes, transforming them into a non-dangerous fuel comparable to urban waste.

    • PRACTICAL: it daily compacts and sterilizes infectious waste, reducing its volume by 90%
    • LEGAL: it issues a daily certificate removing the responsibility of the healthcare provider for infectious waste
    • EASY TO USE: it can be activated by simply connecting it to the electrical socket, it has a user-friendly display and there is no software to install or manage
    • SAFE: it eliminates contamination risks for staff and operator
    • ECOLOGICAL: it helps to reduce the environmental impact and the cost for the community
    • OPERATOR-FREE: it works autonomously being remotely controlled
    • ECONOMIC: it lowers corporate waste management costs

MADE IN ITALY: Deinos is a product crafted, designed, developed and produced in Italy


How does it work?



Put all the infected wastes in the device: bandages, cotton, gloves, vials, scalpels, needles, biological material, paper cups.



Every night the automatic cycle STARTS, shredding and sterilizing the waste.



Sterilized waste is collected in the bag inside the front compartment so the device is ready to take additional waste.


The process is remotely controlled and a sterilization certificate is received daily.


Technical Features

External dimensions: 50 x 60 x 78 cm
Treatment room capacity: 60 litres
Supply voltage: 220/230V
Maximum absorbed power: < 3 kW
Consumption per standard cycle: 1 kWh

Available in two versions: Steel and Ice white

Accessories: kit 10 bags / package filters / cleaning kit


Security and Regulations:
CE Certified Device
• compliant with the Healthcare waste (Directive 2008/98/EC)
it does not require any installation permission, and it is not a medical device

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