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Deinos is a practical and convenient solution. For more information, please contact our sales representatives at

Deinos can contain up to 60 litres of sanitary waste (not pressed) for each sterilization cycle (the equivalent of the currently used box). While being treated, waste is reduced by 90% in volume and, at the end of cycle, is transferred to a bag. The bag allows accumulating up to an equivalent of roughly 600 litres of sanitary waste, the equivalent of 8-10 boxes in use for door-to-door collection.

Deinos complies with the international regulations for healthcare waste (Directive 2008/98/EC). The sterilization cycle can only be started if the lid is closed and following the consent of the remote control centre.

Deinos, through the sterilization process, dispose hazardous infection-threatening waste at the site and time they are produced. The sterilization certificate at the end of each cycle illustrates the treatment pursuant to law and releases the healthcare operator from any legal liability. The certificate can be automatically emailed to the healthcare practitioner after each cycle (typically once a day) and is always available (to the healthcare provider only) on the web application of re3CUBE Srl.

Deinos is an ‘Internet of Things’ system, so it is always connected to a remote control centre hosted on highly secure and reliable professional cloud services. All communication between the device and the control centre is carried out on an encrypted channel according to recognized international security standards. All the data stored in the control centre are protected, copied, made available and accessible only by the healthcare provider and authorized Technical Assistance of re3CUBE Srl.


None, re3CUBE Srl will produce for you, as part of the service, all the documentation required by the regulations on waste management.

Only bags to collect sterilized waste and a vent filter. A kit of bags and filters is provided at the time of purchase and subsequent kits can be ordered from our sales representatives.

The only maintenance needed is the change of sterilized waste bags once they are full, the change of the vent filter every 200 cycles and after periodical sterilization checks (every 3 months or 100 cycles) to be performed in analogy with the of the instrument sterilization. You do not have to worry about remembering of such operations as the remote control centre will send you messages to remind you when it will be time.

Deinos is an appliance that uses low-power components, has a peak absorption of less than 3 KW and a consumption per cycle of less than 1 KWh (less than 18 cents).

Deinos has been designed with particular attention to vibration damping and a casing acoustically insulated from the inside. For the first 3-5 minutes of the cycle it reaches 72 dB (a washing machine during the centrifuge), for the remaining cycle stages the noise is less than 60 dB (a non-centrifugal washing machine). During all the rest of the time (typically all day) it produces no noise.

Deinos has the size of a common washing machine, 50 cm wide, 60 cm deep, 78 cm high and a weight of 58 kg.

The waste load comes from the top (the opening cargo door rises 28 cm), so Deinos cannot be completely built in but it can be flanked from both sides by walls and other pieces of furniture.

No. Deinos is equipped with its own data SIM guaranteeing connection with the control centre autonomously by using the network of any telephone operator at no additional charge. To make it work, just install it wherever you can make a call with a mobile phone.

Thanks to the reduction in the volume of waste during their treatment, the bag can accumulate up to an equivalent of about 600 litres of sanitary waste, the equivalent of 8 to 10 boxes in use for door-to-door collection. In any event, thanks to the remote control, we will remember you when it is time to replace the bag.

Not necessarily, Deinos is programmed to start the cycle autonomously at the most appropriate times (typically in the evening after the working time of the dental practice but can be set up based on the customer’s needs).

No, just connect it to a common electrical outlet. You can control Deinos through its display and via a simple web application that will always provide you with all the data on its operation and the sterilization certificates for each cycle.

No, re3CUBE Deinos is not a medical device. It is compliant with the machinery European Directive 2006/42/EC.

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